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At Spa Nest Panaji, we provide you with an unparalleled experience, designed to envelop you in a bubble of tranquility and wellness. As experts in authentic Thai Spa services, we have carved our niche in the wellness industry by bringing the mystical Oriental healing practices right to your doorstep.

Drawing from a rich heritage of Thai spa traditions, our focus lies in restoring harmony and balance to your body and soul.
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Spa Nest Panaji

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Spa Nest Panaji is a luxury spa destination which believes in restoring both your mind and body, while lifting your spirits. Perfected and practiced by well-trained healers and therapists, our spa provides quality spa therapies, ancient as well as modern massage treatments which not only relax your senses but also revive the damaged tissue.

The natural, high-quality skin-care products, anti-stressing therapy oils, revitalising essences, together with the globally acclaimed wide range of healthcare products, help restore your energy levels.